Title: The path
Location: Via Concezione

Author: Giuseppe Strano Spitu
Born in the 1966 in Reggio Calabria, lives and works in Spain and was among the founders of the Association “Space & Freedom”. Attended many exhibition in Italy and abroad. His personals: 1996 sensazione trascendentale, Saragozza; 1996 mestiere d’arte, Nice; 1997 dal colore alla forma somaglia, Florence - Art Point Gallery; 1998 andiprosta, Florence - Chiostro Santa Croce; 1999, Saragozza - Gadda Gallery; 2003 asì es…si asì os parece, Saragozza - Casa de los Morlanes.

1. Guardian of the city
2. Windmills
3. Comet-star
4. Calitri’s dawn
5. Triptych
6. The other vision
7. Until the heaven
8. The path
9. Energetic flux
10 . The hope
11. The stone
12. Passage to future
13. Rebuilding
14. 99 before Christ
15. Good and Evil
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