Title: 99 before Christ
Location: Borgo Castello

Author: Luigi Rainone (Italy)
He was born in Calitri in 1949, where lives and works beside teaching at the Institute of Art. In 1970 he attended his first personal exhibition at Michelangelo’s Gallery in Bari. In 1975 he was in Rome at the tenth quadriennial Exhibition of Modern Art. In 1990 he was presented for a retrospective on a catalogue by Piero Adorno, the very famous artist. In 1998 he attended the first biennial of Italian Contemporary Art at the Trevi Flashart Museum in Perugina.

1. Guardian of the city
2. Windmills
3. Comet-star
4. Calitri’s dawn
5. Triptych
6. The other vision
7. Until the heaven
8. The path
9. Energetic flux
10. The hope
11. The stone
12. Passage to future
13. Rebuilding
14. 99 before Christ
15. Good and Evil
To visualize the sculptures click on the reference figures on the map, or an the arrow below.