The Benedictine monastery (today seat of the Town hall) was founded in 1557.
The works to reconstruct it probably ended in 1586 as we read from a stone plaque put on a wall facing on Roma Street, where is carved out the monogram of the Annunciation AGP (Ave Gratia Plena) and the symbol of "Calitri's Universitas": the three roses. The patronage on the monastery was held by Calitri's universitas.
Next to the monastery there's the Church of the Annunziata, dated from the sixteenth century and characterized by the renaissance portal with lunette inspired to the architecture of Romanesque style. It was opened (for the cult) on the 11th of February, 1571.

At side:
External view

From left:

Inside the church we can see an eighteenth century altar made of wood and some sculptures of Pietro Nittoli from Lioni that represent Our Lady of Annunziata and the Angel of the Annunciation.

There is one more wood altar dated from XVII century and a sculpture that represents Our Lady with Jesus.

There are also two niches where once there were two statues, one of them represented S.Benedetto, Patron of the order of the monastery that today is inside the church of St.Canio.

At side:
Our Lady
with Jesus