In the apse we can admire the sixteenth century altar piece that represents the Annunciation.

This work of art, with Baroque stucco, is one of the first example of three-dimensional painting, inspired by the Flemish art.

On the right of the majestic altar of Annunciation we find a canvas representing the Deposition, made by Paolo De Matteis, a XVIII century artist that attended the school of Luca Giordano.

The author was inspired by the realism of Caravaggio and the work art of Angelo Solimena and Mattia Preti.

At side:
Altar piece
XVI° sec.

From left:
"Saint Barbara"
"Deposition of

On the left of the main altar there is another one dedicated to St.Canio, made of masonry and of XVII century stucco, highly marked by rococo style. In the middle there is an half-length statue of St.Canio.

On the up side of the church we can see a painting representing St.Barbara. The upper floor once was used by noons attending the Mass, in order to avoid contact with people, to whom was allowed only down side.

We can also admire a painting representing Our Lady and the Saints Gaetano and Filippo Neri. On the ceiling has been painted the "Apotheosis of St.Canio", made by Alfonso Metallo, a painter from Calitri.

At side:
"Our Lady and
the saints
Gaetano and
Filippo Neri"