Church of SAN CANIO (pag. 2)
On the wall of the two aisles we can admire the following paintings: “L’Adorazione del SS Sacramento” (Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) dated from XVIII century and “Madonna col Bambino (Our Lady with the Holy Child).
On the left aisle there’s the XVIII century painting “La presentazione al Tempio” (The presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple) and on the right one, the “Assunta” (Assumption of the Virgin).
At the end of the aisles there are two altars: on the left one there’s the statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, on the other one there’s the wood statue of the Patron St.Canio built following the art in fashion in the capital and in the kingdom

At side:
Madonna with

At side:
The Adoration of Holy Sacrament
Antique stoup in stone

of Naples at the beginning of eighteenth century.
Outside, on the left wall there are two plaquet dated from eighteenth century taken from the old mother church. The first tablet, dated April the 25th 1728, was made thanks to the archbishop of Conza Francesco Nicolai, when he dedicated the church also to the martirs Cosma and Desiderio.
The second tablet was made thanks to Giuseppe Nicolai, nephew and successor of Francesco Nicolay. It’s probably dated from the years that go from 1731 up to 1759, when Giuseppe Nicolai exercided his bishopric.
There’s written something about the enlargement of the entrance of the church. On the entrance of the church laterally there are two old holy-water fonts of valuable workmanship.

At side:
Presentation at Temple