Church of SAN CANIO
It was originally built in the second half of the fifteenth century near to o the Benedectine monastery where today there’s the Square of the Republic.
It was damaged by the 1694 earthquake and rebuilt, but cause of a landslip, it was pulled down in 1883 and re-erected where it is now.
Inside the church, entirely rebuilt after the 1980 earthquake we find the XVIII century altar, inlaid with marble, and some XVIII paintings: one of them represents the apotheosis of St. Canio, bishop and martyr.

Church of San
At side:
Particular of
The Saint Canio
Inside of the
High altar

The Saint is venerated in Calitri, but also in several towns of Basilicata.
According to the tradition, when the mortal remains of the Saint were taken from Atella to Acerenza, the procession stopped in Calitri and the bells miraculously became to ring.
From then, St.Canio is the Saint Patron of Calitri, where there’s a relic of the Saint: the phalanx of one of his fingers.