The line of bank notes hanging from the arms of the prodigious statue in the picture let us thinking at Calitrani’s prodigality, testified by a list showed to public in which there are written the names of the ones who gave their most precious things to rebuild the church after earthquake of 1910, along with donations of Calitrani emigrated to America. The little grotesque paintings with allegorical female subjects that embellished the aisles will recall the appearance that church had before the earthquake of 1980, calling back to one’s mind a comparison with the recently

Altar furnishings and vestments
At side:
Tabernacle in sculpted stone
eighteenth-century statuettes which represent

rebuilding. We can’t do without admire the old three bells, and particularly the biggest and the more decorated one; it has also a long inscription revealing it belonged to Saint Maria dell’Elce’s Abbey.
This is an instance of remembrance amongst many ones that our mind recalls from the shadows of the history of Calitri every time we do a first-hand observation of things and objects that have a measureless worth that characterize them for the feature of being a tangible sign of the past.

Texts written by
Mrs. Concetta Zarrilli and translated into English by Mrs. Margherita Fortunato