The exhibition of Holy articles in the large crypt of the Church of the Immacolata Concezione has two goals: to preserve the memory of the past and to go over again the most important times of Calitri’s religious history.
The visitor, hanging about the wooden shelves, can see old brass candelabrum, church ornaments that over the years were replaced with new ones more functional, old chasubles and fine embroidered albs, XVIII century statuettes coming from Neapolitan handicraft school, holy Saint’s relics.

The old ballot box used as polling station for the .election .of. the .Prior .and .other

At side :
Marble angel which come from
the altar of
San Vito

Ancient chasubles, old box used fo the election of the Prior , tabernacle, ecc...

posts inside archconfraternity will be a chance to take a jump in the past. Then it could seem real to lean at the window of that house overlooking Salita Ospedale Street, from where was shot the picture of the procession of 1924, just in the moment when all stop short to pose. Archpriest Father Antonio Cestone beside Prior Gianbattista Berrilli, Don Giuseppe Toglia, the spiritual dean of the confraternity, amongst two guards in full uniform, another person with fascist uniform near statue-carriers stretched to hold the weight (but smiling) and others with their trays to take up a collection.

The old organ and old photo of Immacolata
At side: