This little church, also quoted in his pastoral visit by the Cardinal Alfonso Gesualdo, is located on the slopes of the Mount Calvary and its beautiful stone portal of 1747 characterizes this rural style church.

Inside we can see the statue representing St.Bernardino and a statue representing Our Lady, taken from “St. Maria in Elce”.

Next to it there’s the cell habited by the eremites that took care of the church.

Its bells ringed “u’ fratocchj” at three o’ clock to wake up the peasants that went to work early in the morning.

To go to their fields they had to pass trough “Della Cupa path” near to the church that leaded to Cortino.

At five o’clock in the afternoon it ringed again to warn them to come back home before the night falls.

Church of
San Bernardino
At side:
Church of San