On this route we can find delightful and charming places out of the town.
Starting from the Church of St.Lucia and running along the winding road “Dietro al Tufo” we arrive to Ofanto’s Valley, nearby a crossing.
Here in the past there was “Taverna Del Passo” where pilgrims stopped on their trips.
Not too far, on the other side of the river Ofanto, today district of Rapone, there is the little Church of Our Lady of the Saints. The church was visited in 1565 by Cardinal Alfonso Gesualdo.

Here the mass was celebrated once a month, on May, when for two or three days the Chapter of Calitri walked there in procession. This tradition still lives today.
Coming back on the road from “Taverna Del Passo” we get to Castiglione, and continuing this way pass by


Maffucci’s farms built in the XVIII century, to eventually arrive to the Mountain of “St. Zaccaria” near the wood of Castiglione. Once here there was a village of “Universitas” of Calitri.
This place is so plenty of atmosphere that makes you feel true the old legend of a dragon ready to spit fire against everyone who wanted to steal the legendary treasure of St. Zaccaria, of which he was the terrifying guardian.

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Church of
dei Santi
Maffucci's Farms
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