The starting point of our route is the Square of the Republic, whose urban order has been upset many times. Some changes were the demolition of the old Church of St. Canio in 1883 and the consequent drop in quote in 1910, the demolition of a side of the Benedictine monastery of Annunziata in the 30’s (today seat of the town hall) and the building of a tunnel that goes to P. Berrilli Street.
Since the earthquake of November the 23rd 1980 the square hasn’t come yet to a definite disposition.
The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1557. The works to reconstruct it should have been ended in 1586, as we can read from a stone plaque put on .a .wall .facing .on .Roma

At side:
Church of
Square of
the Republic
Via Berrilli Stone

Street, where is carved out the symbol of “Calitri’s Universitas”, the three roses. The patronage on the monastery was held by Calitri’s universitas.
Next to the monastery there’s the Church of the Annunziata dated from the sixteenth century: it represents one of the few churches that wasn’t destroyed by the earthquake of 1694 and its main feature is the typical renaissance portal with fanlight.
On a corner of Rinaldi’s Palace, on the left, we can see its characteristic stone- mask.
Going ahead along Pasquale Berrilli Street there are the sumptuous palaces where lived the noble families from Calitri. On the left there’s the over mentioned Rinaldi’s Palace, with its valuable stone portal, today home of the town-library.

Via Roma
Plaque dated 1586
At side:
Rinaldi's Palace portal