Starting from the Square of the Republic we go along Giuseppe Tozzoli street.

After bordering the high monastery’s retaining wall we can see Tozzoli’s Palace, with its beautiful stone-portal, where on March 1875 Giuseppe Tozzoli hosted Francesco De Sanctis that stopped here during his famous electoral journey in a cold and cloudy day.

Going ahead there are a lot of characteristic houses with outdoor stairways and little entrance galleries.

Turning on the left, and going up a little stairway we read, on a lintel of the Cubelli’s family house, an old phrase:

At side:

At side:
G. Tozzoli street example extern stair and a little “ballatoio” entry
Tozzoli's Palace portal

"fountain, .forest,. ant, .they .make .the church triumphant".

Turning on the right we can visit the Alley of the Casaleni.

After about ten metres, turning on the left and going up the stairs we arrive to Casaleni Street, where we can see an arc as much large as the alley.

According to the historian Vito Acocella, in the middle of the Fourteenth century during the Hungarian occupation, here some people formed a hamlet and they were called “Casaleni”.

Continuing our walk we come back to Tozzoli street.

At side:
Casaleni street