Starting from the Square of the Republic we go along the street once called Corso Matteotti.
Before the earthquake of 1980 it was the main street of the town and there were houses and shops; it linked the old side of the town to the new one.
Recently a tower has been discovered from the ruins of the houses destroyed by the earthquake. It was part of the walls of old castle, and next to it there was the so called Door of Nanno, one of the entrance of the Medieval suburb. The tower has been restored few years ago.
Continuing we can see on the left Tozzoli’s Palace. In front of it there’s the War Memorial, surrounded by the trees of the public garden.
Now we arrive in front of the main church

At side:

Tower of Nanno

Tozzoli's Palace

War memorial

Church of
St. Canio


of the town, the Church of St.Canio, entirely rebuilt after the 1980’s earthquake.
Inside we find the XVIII century altar, inlaid with marble and paintings from the XVIII century. One of them represents the apotheosis of St. Canio.
The old mother church was located near to the Benedectine monastery; it was damaged by the 1694’s earthquake and rebuilt, but cause of a landslip it was pulled down in 1883 and re-erected where we can see it now.