ITINERARY 3 (pag. 2)
Going ahead and turning on the left, near to the Istituto Suore Gesù Redentore, once Church of St.Michele, we arrive to “strada r’Pier”, (Francesco De Sanctis Street) that leads to St.Vito Street and to the Church of Immacolata Concezione.
It was built in the eighteenth century and rebuilt after the 1980’s earthquake.
Going along Concezione Street we set off for a street dedicated to Alfonso Gesualdo, renowed Cardinal born in Calitri in .1540 .and .buried .in


From over:
Church of Immacolata Concezione

the Cathedral of Naples.
Along Gesualdo Street we can see a lot of yards in front of the houses, characterized by retaining walls called “gafij”.
From that way we arrive to Fontana Street, once it leads to the public fountain built in 1733 on the slopes of the St. Biagio’s.
Going up to Fontana Street we have to pass under some characteristic arches and at the end of a narrow alley we arrive to Faenzari Street.

Fontana Street
Alfonso Gesualdo Street
At side:
Faenzari Street