In the premises of Borgo Castello, restored by Departement of BAAAS, the permanent Exhibition of Ceramics from Calitri opened on the 25th August 2001, and was called “A tradition that renews”. It is the first step towards the final goal of a permanent Museum.
The preparation of the exhibition was made possible thanks to private .citizens’, .collectors’,


antiquarians’, craftsmen’s and cultural institutions’ donations. The expository route includes a selection of ceramics and earthenwares dated to XVIII, XIX and XX century, all made in Calitri and all able to show the various sides of the activities carried out in our ceramics’ workshops.
There’s also a division called the “Contemporaries” that embodies a selection of our present-day handicraft and artistic manufacture.

saturday: h. 9 - 13; 17 - 20,30
sunday: h. 9 - 13; 17 - 20,30
Public opening:

Let’s visit some premises of Borgo Castello housing permanent Exhibition of Ceramics.